I am committed to working with individuals who want to more fully understand themselves and the origins of their personal unhappiness, distress and suffering, their inability to connect more deeply with others and have successful relationships, their struggles in work, and even their inabilities in having fun!

Dynamic | Warm | Compassionate
Welcoming | Non-Threatening

Dr. Sandone-Barr is a dynamic individual whose warmth and compassion create a therapeutic environment that is welcoming and non-threatening. Her approach is pragmatic: she is realistic and down-to-earth, but recognizes that change can be scary. She meets the client where they are and allows each individual to work at a pace at which they are most comfortable. Her clients learn to rely more on their inner strengths and, if interested, less on medication.

She is a certified psychoanalyst who has been in clinical practice for over 37 years, accruing tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience. With this experience has come a vast understanding about what it is to be human and the wisdom to help you handle challenges that interfere with your ability to deal with your life effectively. Her specialty is Modern Psychoanalysis, a branch of psychoanalysis that treats the full-spectrum of psychological and emotional problems. Her therapeutic approach is beneficial for both long and short-term therapy. She has extensive experience working with people who are troubled by symptoms and problems that interfere with having a fulfilling life. As her clients’ treatments progress, they find they become less controlled by debilitating feelings and symptoms, which allows for increased fulfillment in their ability to love, work, and play.

Credentials & Qualifications

Years in Practice: 37 Years

School: Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis

Certificate: NAAP Certified Psychoanalyst

Services and Specialties

Relationship Issues and Couples/Marriage Counseling, Depression, Anxiety, Mid-Life Dissatisfaction, Women’s Issues

Mental Health
Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Career Counseling, Child or Adolescent, Chronic Impulsivity, Chronic Pain, Codependency, Coping Skills, Dissociative Disorders, Divorce, Emotional Disturbance, Family Conflict, Grief, Life Coaching, Mood Disorders, Narcissistic Personality, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiance, Peer Relationships, Personality Disorders, Psychosis, Self-Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Sleep or Insomnia, Stress, Trauma and PTSD

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